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Video/Audio Editing
for vlogs, commercials, developer diaries, showreels/sizzle reels
Motion Design
for interviews, trailers, webinars, short films, music videos, personal branding
Visual Effects
for explainer videos, slide-shows, travel & vacation, videos, websites and more!
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Recent Portfolio

Video Editing

(b-roll searching and adding, project editing, audio-sync + leveling & cleaning, music aligning, map animation creation, footage stabilizing, deflickering, shot position movement changing, few overlays creating) with (Video Editing Directing) for

Audio Editing

Instruments/voice removal, audio cleanup/repair & restoration, guitar recordings, rebalancing your mix, removing distracting hum, wind, hiss, clicks, bleed, clipping, crackle, plosives & mouth clicks, fixing dialogue & music, changing pitch & time, adding dither, volume, converting files, synchronizing with video, RESTORE old recordings - for film and video, broadcast, podcasts & more

Visual Effects

Effects (FX)/Simulation | Matte painting | Match Moving | Compositing | Rotoscoping | Camera Tracking | Texturing/Shader Works | Cleanup | Green Screen | & more! (ask if not in the list, it's probably possible to do)

Motion Design

Video Animation services provided (keyframe animation in After Effects, images & music search) with (Video Editing Directing) for "WordCollect" Game


The cost of the video production services depends on several factors: the length of the original video, the length of the finished video product, the complexity of the performance. We need to discuss your project first 👌

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Most viewable videos created:

– (ScreenCasting Video) “Claro Software” – 13+ videos with overall 54.700+ views 

– (Music Mixing & VFX Art) Future to the Back MIX [Best of Synthwave + Chillwave / Retrowave] 42.000+ views 

– (Video Editing) “Abogados Now” – 6 Videos with overall 34.000+ views 

– (Music Mixing & VFX Art) CyberPunk 2077 Music Radio Mix  3.800+ views 

Meet the Editor

I help different people to turn their imagination alive and connect to the world using all-new modern innovative technologies in art science & finding the best possible solutions for the new ideas in remote jobs.

Arty Zik
Arty Zik

Pro Video Editor / Bachelor with Science (Hons) in Media Production & Technology, UCLan, UK.

A talented and energetic creative professional with 9+ years of experience in the media industry, I offer a comprehensive portfolio of marketing, design, and production services that help my clients to stand out from the crowd. Whether you need somebody to create an explainer video, design an ingenious, eye-catching intro, or edit a promotional film, I will be totally committed to meeting your needs.

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Hire Video Editor. Don’t hesitate to ask any question – It will be answered promptly and informatively! Arty wish you all the best and hope to work with you soon! Cheers! 🙂

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