➑⚠ My 10-year research on how to fix your blurry vision and say goodbye to headaches and tiredness for FREE

➑⚠ My 10-year research on how to fix your blurry vision and say goodbye to headaches and tiredness for FREE

Eye correction exercises + brain relaxation (this will make you work or study more effectively and easy) 3 page PDF

Link to PDF in Google Drive

Feeling tired while you study? Like to drink beer which “decreases” stress after work? Feel destroyed in the mornings? Having trouble with getting to sleep? Require glasses to drive a car and they feel wrong? I had all of this. And I am now sharing my long-term research which helped me overcome these problems with you!

Page 2 from PDF

I have gathered information from all over the internet and doctors on how to improve your vision and relax your brain. This will also make you more effective in jobs where you require a high level of attentiveness. I’ve spent 10+ years researching this topic and improve my own vision from minus 1.5 to minus 0.2. Do these exercises at least 2 times per week, or 3 times per day, depending on your motivation level (I do it almost every day for 40 minutes, because it feels so good, not because I’m obligated.

You can begin with 5 minutes 3 times a day). Learn yourself by experimenting with which exercise is working for you better and which is not and give yourself at least 3 weeks to notice any difference (but I’ve noticed on the first try).

Everyone has an individual organism, so I cannot guarantee that this will help 100% of people. But I think this is better to try, than wearing glasses which are destroying your eyes, surgery (oh no), having a bottle of beer or painkiller drug (which is also not for free) to reduce so-called “tiredness” (especially in the morning or before going to sleep).

Just imagine how much you will save $ and how productive you can become!

Example of eye exercises

And the biggest reason I like it – you don’t have to “work hard on the exercises”, you can do it lying on the bed and all you have to do is just watch it! These are not standard β€œlook left-right exercises”, they are made in an interesting way, check it out yourself!

The file contains:

β€’ Two apps links (was tested only on Android), but you can run it on on PC or MAC using NOX EMULATOR https://www.bignox.com/ or any similar, which you can find on google

β€’ YouTube links to exercises playlists and a channel with super exercises

β€’ My comments and recommendations

Link to PDF in Google Drive

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